The name "Dark Mountain" comes from the origin of the owners last name. Chase Dunkleberger, Lumberton, Texas native, can certainly look back on many years of mispronunciations, misspellings, and the topic of a few jokes from time to time from many failed comedians. The background is actually pretty cool. The German surname "Dunkleberger" originates in a place in Germany formally known as Cologne, from the last name "Dunkel," meaning "dark." As time progressed, berg (Mountain in German) was added to the name, and finally Americanized and found its final spelling some time in the 1800s. People have asked , "Why the name 'Dark Mountain' for a roofing company?"

To celebrate one's family name is special. To honor my family's name through my company is incredibly meaningful to me and I think to them too (and much easier for folks to spell.

Naming a roofing company "Dark Mountain" came with potential for confusion. My goal is to create a legacy so strong that when people hear the name "Dark Mountain" they will hear a company with a bold name, but also recognize us as a company with a powerful reputation of integrity, selflessness, quality, and service. We are a family operated business and we vow to treat our customers' projects with the high standard of focus and attentiveness we would treat our own.