Weather in Southeast Texas is one of life's greatest marvels. One minute you might be enjoying a nice beautiful spring day with your friends and family, the next minute you could find yourself dodging hail or ducking debris.

Unfortunately, the facts show that almost all insurance claims are underpaid. Unless you have plenty of experience as an adjuster or agent, you are likely going to get a low-ball offer the next time you file a storm claim.

DISCLAIMER: No members of our company are affiliated with or act in place or on behalf of any insurance companies or adjusters. We do not give insurance "advice" and we do not "negotiate" pricing with insurance companies or insurance adjusters. We will not discuss coverages with homeowners. That's between you and your insurance company. Here's how WE can help you:

Dark Mountain Inc. has an impressive track record of helping customers through storm claims simply by using our experience to teach our community what to expect with claims, how it affects the process, and ways to overcome potential obstacles. Countless times, homeowners have accepted weak offers from their adjusters and paid much more than they should've to renew their homes. With our help, customers all over the area have had claim denials overturned, minimal offers turned into full replacements, and customers flipped from bewildered and frustrated to completely relaxed and victorious. As you've probably noticed by now, It's storm season again. With everything we've gone through as a community and globally in 2020, it's more important now than ever to have your own personal "superheroes" when you can get them. Dark Mountain Inc. is eager to help you conquer the dark nature of storms and claims, and then professionally and artistically transform your home back to its very best.

The following images are examples of storm damage that we look for when assessing properties for storm damage